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Video Streaming – Who Needs Television?

It was a satisfying feeling when I happened upon a website recently that told me that a band I have always enjoyed are back together after they disbanded a few years ago.

This group had been performing for 30 years to capacity crowds. Then came their farewell concert tour and everyone thought they would only hear about this group in the context of history and decade specific countdown shows.

Today two of the original members are touring on a limited basis. The overall feel of the band is a little different than the original band, but it is compelling enough to reconnect with the career of this new, yet classic, band.

How do I know this? Did I read about it?

No! This information came in the form of a fifteen-minute video stream with the two principle artists in the band. They spoke candidly about the reformation of the group and the new simplified sound and direction. They spoke of the emotional difficulties they experienced when the group went their separate ways and how a one time performance promised by the duo set the stage for a new album, tour and renewed life for this respected band. Stats counters indicated I wasn’t alone in my enthusiasm for this new career wrinkle.

Video streams react to an on-demand generation. You can visit the websites of news organizations and watch video streams of the news you want to see. In some cases this is viewed as an extension to television news coverage, but for some this is an on-demand replacement for television newscasts. Even newspapers are responding to the on demand world and placing supporting video streaming on their websites for those interested in a more personal take on the morning news. and a host of other websites provide comprehensive news coverage through video streaming and their marketing strategy is to let it be known that this coverage is news on demand and online. These companies are not seeking terrestrial stations to send their video streams to, they are relying consistently on online video streams – and their success continues to grow.

News reporters who once had a place on terrestrial television are now finding uncommon success in online news reporting. Elaborate sets are designed (or created through the use of green screens). These online video streams bring the same newsmakers you might find on regular television into your home and on your time.

Many of these video streams are made possible through the sale of typical video advertising that precedes the actual video clip, which makes the end product free to the online user.

The growth of video streams is impacting national and international news, business forecasts, entertainment and music.

What may be the most surprising is those who may have wanted to share information via television in the past are now more than content to take their message directly to the people and allow them to watch at their convenience. Many are wondering why they would want to make video available any other way.

Many visual consumers are inclined to agree with the sentiment.

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