Unforgettable Announcement that Shook the World

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Unforgettable Announcement that Shook the World

It has been more than a decade since the Cold War is over. Being used to the surprises of history, we need to recall some of the facts of the past in order to trace the political movements of that time and their ways to get public attention. International sporting events is a great way to attract attention to s certain issue. When the Cold War reached its peak of development, the delegation from Soviet Union boycotted the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1984. It was something that might happen and a direct proof was received by officials two-three weeks before the official opening. The bad news was that some other countries from the East of Europe joined the boycott. Romania was the only country to participate in the Olympic Games representing the East of Europe. Actions of Cuba that also joined the boycott also were surprising and even shocking.

Official delegation from the Soviet Union accused the US of commercialization and poor security precautions that may put athletes in danger. After careful analyses of the situation the analysts came to the conclusion that these actions are a fair response to the boycott of the Olympic Games of 1980 by American athletes. This was a protest against the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 by Russian troops. I remember my preparation to article writing when I was tracing the details of the situation. There were only a few officials that believed in stated reason. The others didn’t believe in USSR’s explanations and supported the White House who considered all this to be another political act. The officials stated that the security level is high enough for athletes to feel comfortable. Nearly 140 athletes took part in the competition. But the overall view of the competition highlights the average level of quality of the Games. Most of the athletes that boycotted the event were the medal holders of the previous games in 1980. Therefore every Olympic Champion of 1984 feels that his title could have been taken by the other athlete if there was a chance to reduce the conflict.

The Games were quite successful, but the essence of politics being involved in every sporting event still exists, though now The Olympic Games are quite profitable an don’t have to rely on the financial aid of the government. Nowadays, same as a decade ago, countries fight over a right to hold Olympic Games. Sometimes these events are used for political gains and features. We remember the games held in Nazi Germany that were dangerously politicized and is remembered not only for outstanding results, but also for shocking accidents that took even people’s lives. Nowadays there are no major conflicts but some countries claim the Olympiad of 2008 in Beijing is another political discrimination act. Though the Olympic Committee stays categorical, the conflict will be about to appear closer to the beginning of the games. The truth is that politics and sports will be inseparable in the future though it is told that the main aim of such events is only to gain International friendship.

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