Tibet Information Network leaves a legacy

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Tibet Information Network leaves a legacy

With the ongoing problems and conflicts in Tibet, it does not mean that these worries and concerns are only for Tibetans and Chinese to know and resolve. We’re connected globally already, so it would always pay to know the things and events happening in some or other parts of the world. Knowledge, as we know it, is power, more so if this is used wisely and effectively for the benefit of all.

Because of what’s going on in Tibet for the past couple of decades, several Tibetans have crossed the borders and sought refuge in other countries. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t want to know or get information about Tibet, rather, the more details and news they gather, the better. With Tibet’s recent developments and changes, and through the help of some organizations, Tibet information network has progressed and helped in the information dissemination of the Tibetan news to the rest of the world. It is because of the internet’s help that the Tibetan refugees and the outside world would learn on the current happenings of Tibet.

Tibet Information Network (TIN) has helped a lot in this movement and flow of news and information. This is a news and research service, which stands independently from the government and other organizations, and it aims to give an up-to-date and clear picture of what’s happening in Tibet. It has propagated the Tibetan awareness and attention that it tried to capture from the start. It provided current news and analysis of Tibetan situations to Tibetans in and out of Tibet and to the citizens of the world, through the internet—as this is believed to be this century’s fastest and most convenient information super-highway and data resources provider. Though, some people especially the Chinese have been offended in most of the reports, the Tibet Information Network group isn’t actually attacking the Chinese but rather these reports are news and presentations of what’s really happening in the local area.

Even if this organization tried to help through the information services they provide to the world, it has sadly closed down because of the lack of funds. With more than two decades of providing valuable resources and data, and leading other news and research teams, it has finally shut down, leaving behind their legacy of useful reports, important news, and careful researched works.

Information is an important key that will lead and guide everyone to what’s needed to be done, Tibet Information Network has provided this key to all in the means they know is best and strongest, given the resources they have. Despite the risks, TIN and other news groups have continued to share essential aspects and things on Tibet that they deem are relevant to gain the help, support and concern from the rest of the world.

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