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The Jakarta Post

If you want to be aware of local daily events in Jakarta while enjoying your stay, you can skip Asiaweek or Time Magazine, they’re most probably a month late. There are relevant other English newspapers in Indonesia such as The Jakarta Post. The Jakarta Post is a leading newspaper in Indonesia. Today, it has a daily nationwide circulation of 35,000 copies.

History of The Jakarta Post
The newspaper released its first issue on April 25, 1983 but its history can be traced back to a mid-1982 conversation between former minister of information Ali Moertopo and Jusuf Wanandi (currently one of the Board of Directors) who represented Suara Karya – a government-backed newspaper. Both personalities conceptualized the possibility of founding an English newspaper that would feature the highest editorial quality to respond to the growing foreign community and provide an Indonesian perspective, which would counter the global flow of news and views dominated by Western viewpoints.

A realization of the conversation took place in 1982 when PT Bina Media Tengarra was founded as an independent print media institution owned privately by four, actually competing media groups, each in their own publishing leading national dailies like Suara Karya, Tempo, Sinar Harapan and Kompas.

On Day 1 of its publication, less than 5,474 copies were released to the public. The maiden issue (which consisted of eight pages) featured varied contents like the Soviet surveillance activities in Southeast Asia, advertisements congratulating its first publication, and many more.

Inside The Jakarta Post
The Jakarta Post includes eight sections namely Latest News, City, Opinion, National, World, Business, Features, and Sports. You can also access The Jakarta Post’s online edition at, which is not only an extension of the daily newspaper, but makes the paper accessible to online users. The online edition of The Jakarta Post still contains the same sections and contents of the daily newspaper and, in addition, has several resources that provide insights and facts about the politics, history, among other aspects pertaining to Indonesia.

The City Section contains news gathered within Jakarta covering various events. The Jakarta Post accepts letters from anyone to be printed in the Opinion section (as long as they’re written in English) mailed to the newspaper’s editors on the address: Editorial and General Dept., J1. Palmerah Selatan 15, Jakarta 10270, Indonesia, P.O. Box 85 Palmerah Jakarta 11001 or at
The National Section covers diversified news gathered from other provinces in Indonesia (this section should give tourists a hint of what’s going on all over the archipelago). World News covers such headlines like “RI to push human rights in ASEAN Charter”, while the Business section may feature economic news within Indonesia and its neighboring ASEAN nations.

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