Skepticism In Society These Days

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Skepticism In Society These Days

The topic might have been more true in olden days when ignorance was bliss. It is not as relevant with todays society. Skepticism is a part of human nature and will always remain so. Suspicion and mistrust come either from lack of experience or from bad past experiences. It is often when something or someone fails to meet ones expectations or acts contrary to accepted belief that one develops a sense of suspicion or mistrust for all future activities.

Galileo, Copernicus proposed groundbreaking theories. What they said was totally contrary to the then prevailing belief. They were accused of heresy and mistreated. It is now we term them as experts who were simply ahead of their time. Today George Bush has declared war on Iraq, but without full support of the world. Being American President, he is supposed to be the most powerful man on earth. Even after clarifying his motives and goals, there are many theories and rumours about his real objectives of the war which range from US taking control of Iraq’s oil to taking control of the world.

If you take the field of journalism and news reporting, there is always a sense of mistrust in the minds of the people watching or reading the news. Very reputed and famous newspapers and channels have been accused and quite sometimes proved of giving biased reports and in a way influencing peoples beliefs. Politics has been time tested. There won’t be any country whose citizens believe their leaders and politicians are clean and god-men. No matter what happens in politics, people always try to know the background objectives of the politicians. This mistrust and suspicion comes from experiences through the ages and will no doubt remain in the future.

Similar things happen in the corporate business world. Enron, a multi billion dollar company 3-4 years back is now considered as a case study of how a business can collapse on falsely built ideals. The market experts who could not predict the Enron disaster are being chided by investors. Arthur Andersen, supposed to be the numero uno of accounting and consulting is now nowhere. The experts in lure of money manipulated papers and are now cooling their heels behind bars. In this scenario, common people start losing their faith in these big names. This has happened over the years everywhere.

It is because of misappropriations and bad deals by few people who give an entire industry a bad name. Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton will be remembered more for the scandals they indulged in. Talking about politicians, there are actually honest and morally upright guys who enter the field with a magnanimous thought of improving and uplifting society. Even their policies and decisions are taken apart by people to know what personal motives are hidden behind these honest faces. Even if an Olympic runner runs a superb race without any drugs, there are rumours thick and fast that banned steroids might be the case and so testing is necessary. One rotten mango spoils the whole lot or can we say- gives the whole lot a bad grade.

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