S. Francis and his friends’ television wins the elections!

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S. Francis and his friends’ television wins the elections!

I live in Lazio, the second most populated and industrialized region of Italy.
The first most populated region is Lombardia and there the Right (Right… large word) won.
The right won in Veneto, too… but the rest of Italy has all become red… and now you are waiting for me to say something.

Where do we want to begin?
Puglia, ahah, region in the South, in which the Left won with its candidate Nichi Vendola.
The other contender was called Raffaele Fitto, don’t ask me who he is because I have no idea. But, Nichi Vendola, who is Nichi Vendola?? During the primary elections of the party (I don’t know how to say this in English, since my dictionary was printed in 1962, before this kind of elections was invented) I thought that infiltrated members of the Right voted for this man because he’s maybe “the worst” on the battlefield. This is an article written by Viking so you’ll expect that I say “Oh, Vendola is gay”. You don’t need that I say it, you can see it with your own eyes (then he’s gay for real)! His face is a program.
I should think that Fitto was even worse, maybe (I don’t know him), but I think that Vendola has been voted for his image of leftish “freedom” (I still have to understand why all gays have to show their sexuality so much, they cannot simply be gay and the story finishes there, they have to show it! That’s why I think they should not work as teachers! Then, if they want to be gays for themselves who cares?) and everybody’s happy: arcigay, greenpeace, pacifists of all kinds…everybody.
So, here’s a first important winner of the elections: a paladin of the margined.

I don’t want to talk about Nichi Vendola in this article (he got here by accident). I would like to talk about another, maybe the most important winner of this local elections in Italy, Piero Marrazzo, man of the Left, winner in Lazio. This man, I never thought he was involved in politics, I would have imaged it, but I never focussed on it, dethroned the big (I’m talking about size) Storace from Alleanza Nazionale, who has been the candidate of the Right (always this very large word…). Who is Marrazzo? He’s a man that we have seen for years leading the famous tv show “Mi manda Rai Tre” on the third national channel Rai 3. What’s this show about? It is a show that defends the most undefended people who are so able to be cheated by the first fox on the way. There’s nothing bad in defending people, but sometimes people don’t read their contracts carefully and they get the bad surprise and this show emphasises the disgrace while, I think, ignorance should not be justified. During the show the editorial staff invites and calls the cheaters, so that they can face their cheated customers and so on… This show keeps a lot of Italians on their sofas watching tv, so this Marrazzo is well known and he’s known as a defender of the poor, of the weak, he’s the man of the people. Apart from the tv show, this good man brought to light the story (disproved) that some relatives of Storace’s (I don’t remember who) persecuted the Jews in ancient times and this makes audience… Italian television survives with this, so everybody in Italy (and everybody watches television) connects Right=Persecution=Terror=Violence=Pain. So, you have in front of your eyes a person who is perfect, who is a famous (!!) saint, a good looking showman, who is Marrazzo… simple, he was elected. Folks, this is strategy!

And now my people, let’s talk about other examples from similar species. A man, I have his curriculum: Alessandro Cecchi Paone, born in 1961 (…who cares), classic high school, degree in Political Science about International Cooperation, he studied in England and in the States, he lived in Spain where he has been married for 7 years (he has been married??!?! wow, I didn’t know it! It seemed impossible), he has been professor of Marketing of cultural communication and Theory and Technics of the Documentary. He has been author and front man of many tv shows in Italy. In a few words: he’s a journalist. At the moment he works for Mediaset, constantly on Rete 4 (Italian fourth channel) in his program “La macchina del Tempo” in which he shows different kinds of documentaries. I have no doubt he knows everything about documentaries and journalism and marketing…he also knows many other things, but how deeply? This man wrote books about the physics of the universe, about biology… I would say very very very very very very popularized books. I read some popularized books by Stephen Hawking and I didn’t know from which side I would have begun to sever my veins for how difficult they are! I cannot tell Cecchi Paone “stop writing your books”, I’m curious to read them, since this man claimed on tv that people, meeting him in the streets, asked him some advices about problems of physics and maths… I want to meet him, I’ll look for him and I’ll tell him “Master, please, help me to solve this differential equation!”… I want to see what he will answer. He’s the man, who, candidate with Forza Italia during the European Elections, declaring himself gay, after losing the elections said “The Italy of caciocavallo won again”. The caciocavallo is a delicious cheese from Southern Italy… I would like to know if you, Alessandro Cecchi Paone, are able to do the caciocavallo! (Oh, Berlusconi, you are a good man, you cannot go with these people). So, this man is another declared gay, who’s in the Right (this word gets larger and larger) and who’s supported by the arci-friends of his!

S. Francis of Assisi, this man who threw away all his dresses, because they represented the temptation of richness, man who lived the day in poverty, spiritual guide of Karl Marx, man who helped the poor who did nothing to buy a pair of pants… compared with him John Lennon was a capitalist… this Saint Francis inspired the modern politicians and showmen.

There’s a man on the Italian television… I would not say a man… he’s a mushroom! Canale 5 (channel number 5), Berlusconi’s tv (where? Berlusconi must be away), there’s a man called Maurizio Costanzo who has invaded the television. This over-65 short left-wing omni-present man and that man of his wife have the whole channel in their hands and they are expanding themselves in the other channels. (I know when it is apocalypse day: it will be when I see Maurizio Costanzo on MTV) I should write an article about this man, so, now, I will simply speak about his latest tv show “Tutte le Mattine”, an “all-topics” daily show. I don’t think he has ever been involved too much in politics, but he uses the same “saint” strategy to rule over Canale 5 and to be loved by the mob. He makes his tv shows with the disgraces of the people: tumours, anorexies, depressions, divorces, lost dogs, paralysed legs, beaten immigrants, ooh, for all tastes. All this during his daily (3 hours everyday) entertainment “all-topics” show, in which sexy bombs from the Big Brother, actors of cabaret, left-wing intellectuals reading 10 seconds of poems, the orchestra of Demo Morselli, playing 10 seconds of songs, Platinette, the psychiatrist Morelli and the rest of the persons that are property of Maurizio Costanzo (he’s got the copyright on them, I can prove it) are invited. At the beginning this tv show had a different topic everyday, but now it has degenerated in something hallucinating. I will write more about him… this is a menace!

In conclusion, I’m sure there would be other people I should talk about, but I want to propose a final deliberation. Who will be the next Franciscan tv-politician? I got the perfect candidate! He’s called Alessandro Di Pietro and he seems to belong to Alleanza Nazionale. He’s author and front man of a show called “Occhio alla Spesa” (Pay attention to your purchase), which is something from the same family of “Mi manda Rai Tre”, in specific, his show is about prices and swindles… but I have the sensation that sometimes this man wants to deviate the commerce.

If you want to be an appreciated politician, maybe being a tv man can help, but I’m more and more afraid that the parliament is becoming a tv show and you see… politics looks funnier!

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