Reno News and Review: More than Just a Newspaper

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Reno News and Review: More than Just a Newspaper

Eleven years of journalism at its finest, still the Reno News and Review continues to make waves as the “voice” of ‘The Biggest Little City in the World,’ – Reno, Nevada. The Reno News and Review newspaper was established in 1995. Acknowledging the fact that the city of Reno is a place of diversity and non-stop activities, this paper makes sure to bring the readers what they want, and what they need.

Reno News and Review believes in bringing the truth to the people and providing them with thorough information of everything that goes on in their community. Since the first year the newspaper was established, they have been covering the most controversial of news in Reno. One of their first articles featured the 1994 murders of Peggy Crawford and Keith Christopher. This was the first of a series of articles that covered this story. Reno News and Review followed the case until its very end, with the suicide of one of the killers and the execution of the other.

In 1996, Howard Rosenberg, an art professor, had a controversial bout with the Board of Regents. The institution was trying to stop Rosenberg from taking his seat but was unsuccessful. To some, Reno News and Review was believed to have played a direct role in the result of this contentious “David and Goliath” battle because of the article they released in November 1996 featuring this story. The article was entitled “Ousting Rosenberg: Why is the University So Afraid of This Man?”

Aside from their display of courageous journalism, not only does Reno News and Review bring the people what’s hot and controversial, they also provide a complete calendar of the town events. They bring information on the latest happenings in Casinos, Restaurants, Entertainment events, and everything else that goes on in Reno. This is a special feature of Reno News and Review that not only locals can appreciate, but tourists and vacationers as well. This just goes to show how dedicated they are in bringing Reno to the people.

Having won various awards for feature stories to illustrations, and the most recent, for their cover design, Reno News and Review continues to show the Nation that they are not just a newspaper, but in fact, an ever-growing beacon to the people of Reno. Bringing great pride to the “Big Little City”, Reno News and Review is certainly more than just a newspaper; it’s the ‘Best of the West.’

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