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Publications on International Business

Reading materials will always be a beneficial tool to broaden one’s knowledge. It touches on a lot of topics that allows the brain to really work, not just understanding every word that is written but as well painting an imaginative picture. It is also a powerful medium that can lead people to make considerations they have never thought of before. Since it has a vast category, publications on international business will be the focus. features plenty of publications on international business such as Asiamoney, Broadband Networking News, China Law Reference Service, Emerging Markets, Global Investor and a whole lot more. It is actually the largest database of magazines and newspapers on the internet that has about 22, 800 listings from all over the world.

Asset Finance International (AFI)
Published only ten times a year, Asset Finance International provides reports on deals, firms and individuals who manage one of the globe’s most intricate financial markets. AFI also has hard- hitting and well- researched features that has in- depth analysis and reliable data. Each issue of Asset Finance International has accounts on People Moves, Deal News, Deal Analysis, Market Focus, In- Depth Features, Data and Diary. All of its subscribers receive complimentary supplements on the Asset Finance Directory, Leasing Law and Tax Special Reports. For free trial, visit

Business Today Egypt (BTE)
Owned by the IBA Media, Business Today Egypt is one of the publications on international business that has an independent title. BTE has a readership percentage of 65 who are Egyptians while 35 of which are executives. An integral part of the country’s economic landscape, Business Today Egypt has been constantly the news- breaker with penetrating banner stories and profound feature array for ten years now. Its popular sections include The Nation in Brief, News Focus and In the Black. For subscription, log on to

Emerging Markets (EM)
With free access source of information for investors, bankers and brokers, Emerging Markets provide a wide collection of news, features and analysis. EM is one of the publications on international business where its own editorial is supported by contributions from leading voices on news from Euromoney PLC, information from Ministries of Finance, developing nation economies and a lot more. Emerging Markets is actually a newspaper where it shares its contents found in the magazine. For free trial, visit

Petroleum Economist (PE)
Operational for the past seventy years, Petroleum Economist has been recognized as the world’s energy publishing brand. Petroleum Economist is circulated monthly where it includes a portfolio of global and regional maps together with a series of books and reports. Clients of PE include top 50 international oil companies, top 30 national oil companies, sovereign governments of OECD & OPEC nations and analysts of leading financial institutions. For subscription, log on to

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