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Prime Ministers of Australia

Prime Ministers of Australia are chosen from the party in the House of Representative that has the most number of members. This electoral party acts as the governing body and one of its functions is to select among their ranks the next Prime Ministers of Australia.

The functions of the elected Prime Ministers of Australia include the delegation of work portfolios among the chosen ministers. They also chair the cabinet of Australia government. They also represent the country in world gathering of leaders discussing multilateral and bilateral talks among countries that it has diplomatic ties with.

There are already twenty-five Prime Ministers of Australia since it became a federation 105 years ago that have carved a niche in Australia politics during their incumbency. The Prime Minister of Australia was Sir Edmund Barton (1901-1903). Being the judge that he was, he also founded the High Court of Australia. Barton is mostly remembered by his line, “For the first time we have a nation for a continent, and a continent for a nation”, during a speech which he delivered in Ashfield, Sydney. He is revered by his simplicity of stature.

Alfred Deakin is second Prime Minister of Australia and perhaps one of the only two so far in Australia history, to have served three succeeding terms. He served in 1903 to 1904, got to serve back in 1905 to 1908 and served for the last time in 1909 to 1910. Aside from politics, writing is his passion. He wrote numerous articles for local newspaper with topics on federal politics.

The Prime Minister with the shortest stay in office was John Watson who was elected in 1904. He only got to serve three months or so, nevertheless under his leadership a new electoral party was born, the Labor Party. After his term he dedicated most of his time in the private sector being the director of many different companies.

During the last decade Paul Keating became Australia’s 24th Prime Minister. He was elected in 1991 until 1996. Keating was dubbed as one of the youngest leaders in Australia history. He started his career in politics at the age of 25. It was during his time that the Republican Advisory Committee was formed. Moreover, the legislation of indigenous land rights and vocation education and training reform were both passed. More than anything else Keating became famous throughout Australia when the native Title Act was passed during his term.

The 25th Prime Minister of Australia and is still serving today is John Howard who for the longest time in 22 years served as either a Minister or a Dummy Minister. Under the tutelage of Howard, the country’s telecommunication delivery service, Telstra was sold publicly. He also espoused for the passing of the bill that engenders firearms-control in the whole country. Today Howard still is serving Australians amidst difficulties of political life.

Prime Ministers of Australia have truly done their share of making the country what it now—dynamic and progressive– surely a feat worthy of emulation.

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