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Indonesia news these days have been filled with a lot of tragedies and devastating occurrences mainly due to a deteriorated natural environment, and poorly maintained transport facilities such as ferries and planes. If there’s one problem that Indonesia is currently facing, it’s on the increasing damage that its environmental resources is presently experiencing, as well as the unattended regulations and policies for operating sea, land, and air transportation systems.

One such Indonesia news that depicts the outcome of their declining natural environment is the latest landslide that occurred in the province of West Sumatra the claimed the lives of twelve people and a four-year old boy who were buried in the landslide. The landslide hit a number of homes and a mosque on January 8, 2007 in Sungai Sariak, following a number of days of heavy rain; seasonal downpours have caused numerous landslides and flash floods in Indonesia every year, and with most people living in mountainous areas, these occurrences have been alarming.

Indonesia news reflecting on poor regulations for their modes of air transports is the recent plane crash of Adam Air’s Boeing 734-400 that happened on January 1st of this year; the plane’s destination was Manado in northern Sulawesi, and lost contact with air traffic control while traveling between Java and Sulawesi during a storm. Rescue workers were able to reach the wreckage found in the mountains of Sulawesi Island and found ninety bodies, and still searching for other missing passengers.

This plane crash is not the first in Indonesia, in fact it is only one among the many plane crashes that have somewhat been a “common” accident in the country; “Indonesia has a checkered flight safety record which includes several major crashes”. Since the coming out and popularity of low-cost airlines, people have tend to flock to the cheap flight prices of these airlines; however, most of the planes of these low-cost airlines have been “heavily used” and some “aging hand-me-downs”. The rather lax aviation regulations and safety standards for public transport planes have been a great contributor to these tragic plane crashes.

Another Indonesia news that stunned the country early this year, was the disaster of a sank ferry carrying approximately six-hundred passengers off the coast of Java; about two-hundred fifty survivors have been found and some rescued by a passing ship. Survivors said that the bad weather condition may have caused the ferry to turnover and sink; even some of those who made it on life rafts had difficulty surviving and some didn’t make it. Such disasters could have been prevented if strict policies and regulations are made on sea travels during bad weathers.

Indonesia news will perhaps continue on with such catastrophic and saddening reports if the government don’t start strapping up on meticulous laws and regulations for both its environment and its transport systems.

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