I was sick and tired of being unemployed

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I was sick and tired of being unemployed

That is when I looked at an FBI job wanted posting. I had never contemplated jobs at the FBI before. You see, it all seemed a little bit spooky. However, once I started looking at the job wanted posting, it appeared to be the solution to all of my problems. I could make use of all of my skills at an FBI job. I was fluent in three different languages, which would greatly help my abilities to get hired. I also have good computer skills that I could use. Most of all, my love of puzzles and intellectual challenges would be exercised in my work at the FBI. I decided to go for it.

Unfortunately, things were not as easy as they seemed. I went to an FBI job fair, and it was utter pandemonium. They asked me all kinds of questions about my family and my background. It turns out that my involvement in left-wing politics, my parents radical background, and even some of my friends would be an obstacle to getting FBI jobs. Every FBI job wanted to do a thorough background check, and to be honest I was a little bit nervous. It is not like I have any serious criminal background, but the job wanted to interview all of my friends, my family, and even my past girlfriends. I do not want the government knowing all of that information. My personal life should be none of their business. The only thing that matters is if I can get the job done.

Fortunately, I met someone in the private sector looking for people to help write translation software. They had several job wanted positions open, and I applied for a few. I was able to interview at the career fair, and I think I made a positive impression. They have not finished making their decisions about the job wanted postings, but I know that I have made it to the final group. I can’t wait to find out!

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