Comparing Business Credit Cards

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Comparing Business Credit Cards

When talking about business credit cards, you probably often hear that it is better to shop around and compare the different business credit card products. Perhaps you have been wondering what comparing business credit cards really entail. The task of comparing business credit cards involves an examination of all the factors and features and not only the offered rate of interest or the nature of rewards.

The reason that there are so many types of business credit cards on the market – even from within the stable of the same business credit card issuer – is that each of these addresses a different set of needs. Your particular business needs will therefore dictate the type of business credit card you should be applying for.

There are a number of established business credit card brands, each with a distinctive package of benefits that may be markedly similar in some ways, yet discernibly different in terms of their features.

Those who do a lot of traveling may be attracted to American express business credit cards. Bear in mind that you must have good credit ratings when applying for this business credit card brand as their standards for business credit card approvals favor only those with good to excellent credit. In exchange, you gain access to a fine range of travel benefits from a company that has catered for the needs of travelers for decades.

The more generally available business credit cards are Visa and MasterCard, because of the fact that these are issued by a plethora of member banks. These banks are seriously competing for your business, so you are likely to benefit from variations in rates and several rewards programs. The other business credit card brands — Discover and Diners — may not have as many banks issuing them, but they do have attractive features for business credit card holders.

In studying the particular needs of your business situation, you probably will want to look at zero APR business credit cards for balance transfers if you owe some money on your existing cards. Almost all the business credit cards offer the zero APR for balances transferred from other business credit cards within a specified introductory period. This can range from 6 months to 13 months. Those who want to save on interest would probably be inclined to those business credit cards that offer longer introductory periods. You should take note of the prevailing APR once the introductory period expires. Some business credit card issuers may impose higher APR than others.

Those who need to lower the effective cost of their purchases, especially for everyday items like gasoline, office supplies, courier expenses and the like, will probably prefer those business credit cards with favorable rewards and cash back rates. There are many business credit cards that offer 3 percent cash back on these purchases, but a few others will give as much as 5 percent. This could add up to substantial savings. Remember to compare your estimated savings from these cash back business credit cards against the annual fees charged by the business credit card issuer: some cash back business credit cards may have higher annual fees than others.

Those who are still trying to establish (or in some cases, re-establish) credit for their business should look for business credit cards that cater to those with bad credit. These offer special terms that enable you to rebuild your credit. Remember to try establishing your credit reports with business credit bureaus, like Dun & Bradstreet.

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