Business Credit Cards for Businesses With Good Credit

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Business Credit Cards for Businesses With Good Credit

You will find that the various business credit cards offers can become confusing, especially while you are in the process of doing some comparison shopping for the business credit card that best suits your needs. Platinum, gold, rewards and cash back are some of the nomenclature used to describe a business credit card type. These different names for business credit cards also imply significant differences in the features offered to the business credit card holder. You will notice that among these types, platinum business credit cards stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Platinum business credit cards work best for those business credit card holders who prefer to carry a balance on their account and who have the ability to effectively manage business expenses. Platinum business credit cards are usually only granted to persons with excellent credit histories.

Platinum cards make many exceptional perks available to their cardholders, perks that are not available with regular business credit cards. One of the reasons is that businesses that qualify for platinum business credit cards have high, if not sterling, credit scores.

Some of the advantages that you get from having a platinum business credit card may include: a waived annual fee, higher credit limits, lower interest rates, and more benefits, rewards and savings (fraud protection service, frequent flier miles and cash back programs). The travel-related benefits you get from a platinum business credit card also include travel accident insurance, car rental insurance, lost luggage insurance, and a number of travel and emergency services while you are traveling in another country.

Platinum business credit card users receive generous business-related special discounts from participating merchant accounts, including hotel rooms, office equipment and car rentals. All things being equal, the extent of benefits you get from each participating merchant will vary, as described in their disclosures regarding limitations and restrictions.

The credit card company does not have much control over these terms and conditions that the merchants impose on business credit card holders. They make every effort to negotiate the best possible terms on behalf of its business credit card customers though. This is why it is also important for you to give feedback to the business credit card issuer regarding particular service areas where you, as a business credit card user, would like to see improvements.

Business credit card companies often provide a low-cost program to platinum business credit card customers, knowing that platinum business credit card holders are more willing to charge business expenses as long as they can carry a balance without paying too much in finance charges. Remember, business credit card companies make their profits from those business credit card users that carry balances on their accounts.

They also offer a 12-month introductory period at zero percent APR and zero annual fees. After the introductory period expires, the subsequent APR is usually reasonable. However, the platinum business credit card holder should realize that the APR on transactions is indexed to the highest prime rate within a specific time frame. The business credit card issuer retains the option to choose which rate within that period of time. For this reason, you can be sure that the APRs may approach, but never quite reach, the lowest possible rate within the period.

If you are not a platinum business credit card holder yet, but have been diligently paying your bills every month, credit card companies will most likely offer you a platinum business credit card. This is to encourage you to keep your business with them and to reward you for being a responsible borrower.

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