Baton Rouge Newspapers: Publishing Truthful Information

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Baton Rouge Newspapers: Publishing Truthful Information

Baton Rouge has a number of publications that are circulated, which updates the local people on anything about the city – and of the national news and happenings. News, special events, sports, entertainment, opinion columns and many more are included in the release of such Baton Rouge Newspapers.

Perhaps the oldest beginnings of the current newspapers in the area were the ‘Democratic Advocate’ newspapers. It started in 1842 and had undergone a series of transformations -until it was finally named as ‘The State Times’ in 1909 by the Capital City Press owned by Charles Manship. This newspaper then concentrated on local news. At around 1925 the ‘Advocate’ editions were published as a companion for ‘The State Times’, but concentrated on the national news & events.

‘The State Times’ however ceased publication around the month of October in 1991. This left ‘The Advocate’ going on for the Capital City Press, which published both Baton Rouge newspapers.

The main newspaper here has been ‘The Advocate’. It is released daily from Mondays to Fridays as the ‘Morning Advocate’ and the weekend releases as ‘Saturday Advocate’ and ‘Sunday Advocate’. To prove for its strong following, it had a daily circulation of around a hundred thousand, and a few thousand more for Sunday Advocate in the year 2004 alone.

‘The Advocate’, as compared to other Baton Rouge newspapers, has been considered to be truly the “Independent Voice of South Louisiana”. It has always strongly stood for its editorial independence and takes a hard stand on issues depending on the merits presented. This has attracted readers to become loyal consumers of the newspaper.

One of the oldest among the early Baton Rouge newspapers is The Weekly Press. They also have it online at This is located at North Baton Rouge and has started since 1974. This is deemed to one of the most popular of all the minority Baton Rouge newspapers in circulation. The Weekly press is released once a week at over 150 distribution points. This newspaper is a favorite for local news happening in the neighborhood, and for some advertising information. They can be contacted at or at

Trusted publications of Baton Rouge newspapers provide valuable information and news that update one on current events both local and national. Having such newspapers to rely upon accurate and honest information will definitely do well for the local community. Lighter topics on sports and entertainment from these Baton Rouge newspapers will also provide for some relief out of the seriousness of every day living.

Newspapers with the complete package will provide for all important information you would have otherwise gotten from a variety of sources – and with accurate information published, you are sure that the truth has been said. Keeping the people well informed on truthful matters affecting them directly and indirectly, will have an effect on how they will form opinions on matters of society and politics.

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