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There are several news publications in Baton Rouge. However, the Baton Rouge Advocate is the largest in the city. Presented in English in broadsheet format, the Baton Rouge Advocate delivers fast and reliable news daily.

Dating as far back as 1842, Baton Rouge Advocate has the Democratic Advocate as its oldest ancestor. The ancient version was a pro-Democrat, anti-Whig periodical. The Whig used to be a United States political party which existed between 1832 and 1856, was established to go against the policies of the Democratic Party, as well as the then-President Andrew Jackson.

The Baton Rouge Advocate underwent numerous changes, until it was finally acquired by the Charles Manship owned company, the Capital City Press, as The State Times in 1909. The paper then had its focus on the local news. However, around 1925, Manship also gave as much emphasis on the national news by publishing “Advocate” editions as companionary to The State Times. This made the Manships one of the most influential forces in the city as they maintain ownership of media outlets including the Capital City Press.

The State Times served Baton Rouge as an afternoon news publication for several years until October 1991, when it ceased publication. From then on, the Baton Rouge Advocate was the only remnant of the 1842 newspaper.

The Baton Rouge Advocate was known to hold on to editorial freedom, especially during Huey Long’s era. Currently, it remains adherent to its tradition. However, this does not stop it from taking a stand and providing political endorsements.

Considered as the city’s primary newspaper, the Baton Rouge Advocate is made up of the Morning Advocate from Mondays to Fridays, and its weekend editions called the Saturday Advocate and the Sunday Advocate.

The Baton Rouge Advocate is reported to have a circulation of about 100,000 per day, and a circulation of around 125,000 for its Sunday Advocate in the year 2004. Known as the “Independent Voice of South Louisiana”, Baton Rouge Advocate remains a true bearer of news.

Right now, the Baton Rouge Advocate encompasses the locally-written views, columns and articles, as well as wire service news about Louisiana and Mississippi. The Advocate offers readers extensive local, state, national news service from Monday to Friday, and as the Saturday Advocate and the Sunday Advocate on weekends as well.

A lot of the great things come from small beginnings. It is not really so much in what you started out with, but in what you have become. The Advocate has proven just that.

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